Has your day ever been interrupted by this question? “Excuse me, I need to take over your computer for a few minutes. We’re going to run some updates on it”.

It never comes at a good time, and interruptions can really throw off your motivation! And we all know that “a few minutes” can turn into two hours with these new Windows 10 updates. Who in their right mind would opt in to such a time-consuming update?! Of course, typically the boss makes them mandatory, and he should. Because it’s paramount to stay on top of these security patches.

Here it comes…

“There has to be a better way!”

What if you could save time and avoid the whole software update process? What if Windows, Adobe, Java, Anti-Virus, and other apps were regularly updated without interrupting you at all?

Wave hello to automation. Automation allows your IT team to ensure your computer is running at its optimal health and performance while giving you access to the latest application features. It can run Windows Updates, upgrade your applications, and even identify issues before they really become a problem. Automation can actually identify certain hardware issues, like a failing hard drive, and create a service ticket before the failure occurs. If an update causes issues, and needs to be removed from 50 computers, it can be done with just a few clicks rather than visiting each PC one at a time. This saves you time, money, and those infamous tech-related headaches.

By eliminating the need for human intervention, automation greatly reduces IT expenses, helps increase efficiency, and ensures consistency across your entire organization. Your employees will be happier, and so will your accountant. The bottom line is that without automation as part of your regular IT support you are wasting time and, in turn, you are losing money.