The world has never been as technologically advanced and technologically dependent as it is today.  So it’s no surprise there’s an increase in the number of threats, tricks and traps that attempt to scam you into divulging your sensitive information.  And criminals are getting even savvier at hiding traps within legitimate looking emails from trusted sources such as Microsoft, eBay, banks, social media platforms and the CRA.

The most common term for this attack is Phishing, and even the most astute technology users are getting scammed.  So how can you protect your business from these threats?  Cloud based Email Filtering ensures that illicit emails don’t make their way into your inbox.

Here are the top 6 reasons you need Online Email Filtering:

  1. Email is filtered for threats and spam before they ever reach your email server.
  2. The hosting company owns the solution.  You don’t need to purchase licensing or hardware, and the related IT costs are drastically reduced.
  3. Policy is applied across your organization, ensuring consistent coverage for your entire staff.
  4. Employees can manage their own whitelist and blacklist, as well as securely review and release legitimate email without contacting IT.
  5. If your email server is unavailable you can log into the cloud service to receive, read, and send email until your server is back online.
  6. The solution is not tied to a single email vendor or service.  Use it with Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Office 365, or any other email provider.

If you’d like to learn more about protecting your inbox, reach out!