Every summer, we book our annual server and computer cleanings with our clients. Why? To remind everyone of the importance of clean and dust-free computer hardware.

Keeping computers and servers physically clean of dirt and dust is as important as keeping them free from viruses and other malicious attacks. Computers and servers have many areas where dirt, dust, and grime can accumulate.

Increase productivity and decrease sick days

There are many benefits to cleaning your computer hardware regularly. Unclean computers and servers can harbor Bacteria, mold, and dust which can be the cause for everything from allergies to asthma. If your computer is not cleaned regularly, it can spread these germs and make you and others sick. Having a clean PC and workspace can make it easier to get work done which makes your time more productive.

Reduce overheating and loss of battery life

Cooling fans reduce the heat of your electronic hardware. If dust and debris block the fan from rotating, then the hardware parts inside your system won’t get the cool air they need and the hot air can’t go out to the environment. Because of this, overheating may occur and damage the hardware. To reduce overheating the fans may tend to rotate faster. Because of this energy will be lost and, namely with laptops, the battery life will be reduced.

Enhance the life span of the hardware

If your computer or server is filled with dust then your hardware parts can be damaged more quickly and you will have to replace the components more often. By regularly cleaning the computers or servers, companies and individuals can get advantage of saving money by boosting it’s life span, spending less money to repair or replace the units.

Leaving a computer unclean is a great hazard to your system. When computers and servers are not regularly cleaned, air flow can be restricted which can lead to overheating. Overheating can lead to damaged hardware. This could cause you thousands of dollars in lost data, computer repair, and computer replacement.

The positives of having clean computers and servers far outweigh the negatives. Taking simple, preventative measures to maintain your computer infrastructure will save you a lot of time, money, and stress in the long run. Contact us to discuss a maintenance program for your computers.