MSP’s are vendor driven.

When we were first introduced to the idea of becoming a Managed Services Provider (MSP), we were a little tentative. Giving up hourly break-fix was quite a change in direction.

When we did switch to an MSP model, we started to meet prospective clients who were upset with their current provider. They used “bare-minimum” to describe the level of service they received on their contract. They were so unhappy with their current MSP that they were willing to pay us hourly for the same amount of work we would have delivered under fixed-price, even if it meant paying more!

What was meant to be a win-win relationship between client and trusted provider, had turned into an industry of selling snake-oil. Where vendors train their MSP’s to hide costs and create “sticking points” with their clients in order to hold them hostage.

What happened to earning loyalty?

We hear anecdotal stories of MSP employees being told not to spend time on the contract unless the customer calls. We on-board clients and discover settings and objects that clearly indicate they fixed initial problems, but did absolutely nothing to follow up in subsequent years.

What does win-win look like for client and service provider?

We offer unlimited support for our MSP contracts, so we need to eliminate as much risk as possible. We do this by creating a solid foundation, cleaned and maintained, and then we build on it. Once your environment is correctly configured, maintenance and support is straightforward and purposeful.

That sounds like every other MSP website, so how are we different?

Why are our clients loyal and satisfied?

It really comes down to motivation and result.

  • Greatest profit per end-user = Least amount of time and effort
  • Lowest price = Inadequate staff and cutting corners
  • High company valuation = Create recurring sticking-points

When a service provider uses lip-service as a substitute for skilled integrity-fueled work, you end up with a house of cards. Systems that are the core of your business will be built on quick fixes and band-aids instead of sustainable solutions to problems.

Our motivation at Syscal is different.

We treat your business as if it were our own. We want you to find real value in the services we provide. Not just today, but every day. We exist to manage systems, to solve problems, and to act in your best interests. It’s that simple.